Lewis Herman Reserve

Lewis Herman Reserve

Client: Inner West Council

Lewis Herman Reserve has been transformed from an under-utilised park to a multi-purpose open space. A large parcel of unused land in Holden Street, Ashfield, the reserve was fenced off and in dire need of an upgrade. The Inner West Council wanted to create a park that would have a real and lasting positive impact on the community. There were three goals with the upgrade:

  • To improve the function of the space for the community
  • Improve the space aesthetically
  • Provide a barrier to anti-social behaviour (much of the perimeter fencing was covered in graffiti)

Landscape architects Civille designed a multi-generational green space, delivering on local community desires and requirements of neighbouring aged-care home residents. The play spaces were designed to be inclusive and suitable for all abilities. The exercise equipment within the park is designed and built to be easily accessible, taking into consideration the neighbouring nursing home and being able to provide these residents with park elements that would benefit their health and wellbeing.

The reserve features five main areas, including a fitness area, a shade structure with play equipment, two barbecue shelters and a sensory space. These areas are designed to be inclusive for all ages and abilities.

Work by our construction team included:

  • Environmental protection measures;
  • Bulk earthworks;
  • Installation of playground equipment;
  • Installation of pathways and ramps;
  • Installation of benches, picnic settings, shelters, shade structure and a water fountain;
  • Hardscape finishes including brick pavement and concrete pavement;
  • Softscapes including advanced tree planting, mass planting and turf re-establishment.

A variation during the project was the increase in the number of trees planted, approximately from 12 to 50. These were to increase shade, provide more habitat for local fauna, and to act as a shield and enhance privacy for neighbours whose fences bordered the park.


4 1 Lewis Herman Reserve
2 1 Lewis Herman Reserve
TLA Awards Photos - Lewis Herman Reserve Hardscapes
3 1 Lewis Herman Reserve
5 1 Lewis Herman Reserve

Sustainability was a major focus, with the recycling and reuse of materials, native plant and tree species selected to benefit local fauna and flora, and future proofing in mind. With the aim of reusing existing site materials, our team kept the topsoil that was on site, stockpiling it for use later. Once the existing turf was removed, we were able to spread the re-used top soil.

The completed park is now a multi-generational green space, delivering on local community desires and requirements of neighbouring aged care home residents, utilising sustainable options and native plant species.

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