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The right landscaping can play a huge role in creating a feeling of togetherness in a new neighbourhood, giving residents a chance to live and grow together for years to come. Shared open spaces – with plenty of room to run, lounge and play – gorgeous tree-lined streets, blooming garden beds and other natural features all work together to produce an environment citizens of all ages can feel comfortable and proud calling home. 

From small, boutique courtyard style landscaping, master plan community landscape construction and everything in between, Landscape Solutions’ skills, resources and capabilities can add a new dimension to your master plan community, attracting new customers and enhancing the lives of your current residents.

Park Sydney Master Plan Communities Landscaping
Newmarket Residential Estate Master Plan Communities Landscaping
South Pool at Cooparoo Square

Bringing your community to life

There are many benefits of having modern residential landscape design and other big-picture development landscaping features in your master plan community.

New development landscaping is the first thing visitors and prospective residents see when arriving on your newly paved streets. Having blooming garden beds, well-manicured open green spaces and eye-catching water features, retaining walls and other structures can be key to making a great first impression.

Inviting outdoor spaces can also help build relationships between residents and their fellow community members, with sporting fields, pavilions and other sheltered structures providing the venue for meet-ups, activities and events. And welcoming walking and cycling paths mean a more active, healthier lifestyle for your residents.  

Implementing these types of landscaping and construction into your initial plans, and having a landscape maintenance plan, can help keep your new community growing and going strong.

A long history of collaboration

Landscape Solutions is built on collaboration – between our in-house team and our thousands of suppliers and contractors across the region, between us and our clients and, often, between ourselves and developers and architects.

We love getting involved in a project at the earliest stages so we can help bring your vision of the next great Australian community to life through quality landscape architecture. 


Mulgoa Rise Sales Centre Presentation
North East Plot Darling Harbour

 Whether it’s master plan communities, health precincts landscape construction or other landscape or construction projects, we can work hand in hand with you and others to ensure natural features complement the man-made structures that make up your new neighbourhood.

Contact us today to discuss just how we can help you build the next great master plan community or elevate your existing neighbourhoods.


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Featured Project

Client: Cbus Property

The historic Newmarket property has been transformed into a large-scale mixed-use development, complete with residential units and terraces, outdoor spaces and cafes. 

Keen to learn more? Here are some master plan communities landscaping FAQs.

You can get a quote for a master plan landscaping project by getting in touch with us and to schedule a free consultation. 

If possible, it’s best to involve us as early as possible. That way we can collaborate with architects and other construction professionals to develop a cohesive vision for your project. Once we learn more about the type of environment you’d like to create for your residents, as well as your budget, timeline and other physical and geographic details of your space, we can put together a plan to help bring your community to life.

Yes, master plan community landscaping and construction does include small outdoor buildings and other additions that can help shape the personality of your new community.

For example, our work at the Calderwood Valley housing estate included not only picturesque landscaping, but also shelters and sandstone walls to help create a new community in NSW’s Illawarra region. We can also help design and install everything from playgrounds and picnic areas to bridges and public toilets.

You can find master plan community landscaping maintenance by contacting the experienced team at Landscape Solutions.

With decades of experience in landscape maintenance, a workforce of hundreds at our disposal and all the tools of the trade needed to keep your property looking its best, Landscape Solutions is the place to turn for ongoing care for your neighbourhoods. With a dedicated team that will take pride in making your community shine its brightest, you won’t have to worry about watering, weeding, trimming or planting.

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