Sports Turf Management Services

Sports turf management services by Landscape Solutions

Our sports turf management team has one goal, and that is to provide top quality surfaces to our customers for top quality play.

Our sports turf management professionals ensure your sports turf facilities are ready to go year round. We set surfaces up for success by careful management and factoring in aspects like weather conditions, periods of heavy player use, the time of year, and completing required renovations before a total overhaul is needed.  A poorly constructed or maintained field is a recipe for disaster. 

We do this through a team who are in the know about all things sports turf. We combine knowledge, experience, new technology, and sustainable solutions for best results.

What is Sports Turf Management?

Sports turf management is a specialised and comprehensive process. It involves overseeing your sports turf surfaces, and can be as simple or as detailed as your budget allows. 

Some of our sports turf management services include: 

  • Development and implementation of ongoing turf maintenance programs
  • Consulting and audits 
  • Turf renovations, including aeration, scarifying and resurfacing
  • Sports turf surfaces construction and turf establishment
  • Turf nutrition programs
  • Pest, disease and weed control
  • Irrigation and drainage assessments, upgrades and maintenance 
  • Turf wicket maintenance
  • Preparation for competitions and events 
  • Line marking
  • Top dressing

When you first get in touch with us, we will visit your site and complete a thorough assessment. We look at the state of your facility, in terms of presentation, usage and safety, assess areas for improvement, the efficiency of your irrigation, soil nutrition, thatch levels and more. 

From there, we will work with you to create a thorough sports turf management program with a dedicated team. And for you, that means a great sports turf surface for year round play. 

How is sports turf management different from sports turf maintenance?

Often used interchangeably, these two terms are very similar in meaning. While sports turf maintenance covers everything involved in creating a top-quality playing service, sports turf management is an all-encompassing service and also includes aspects like preparation for events. 

Sports Turf Consultation Services

If your sports turf isn’t performing or you need some general advice on your sports surfaces, our team can provide you with a sports turf consultation. 

Our sports turf consultants deliver a specialist service designed to provide you with the critical information you need to ensure your sports turf surface is performing at its optimum. 

Whether you work in a school, you manage a sporting stadium or you’re looking to expand your current local sports field, we can assess where you’re at, and what you need to do to get your surface in tip-top shape. 

First steps are to visit your site, and look at any areas needing particular focus. We will assess, looking at aspects like current condition and performance, usage, turf health, irrigation efficiency, maintenance issues, compaction and more.

We will deliver you with a report and proposed plan to get your surfaces to their top potential, ensuring they are more cost-effective for you in the long term.

In addition to this, we have a construction team who are fully resourced and ready to go when it comes to building a new sports turf facility. If you’re looking to expand, we can assist you in working out the correct way forward. 

Hear it from our customers

Interested in working with our Sports Turf Management team?

Preparing surfaces for sport is one of the most satisfying careers you could embark on. Planning your surface is a lot more than just cutting grass – although that’s pretty satisfying on some of our cool turf mowers.

It’s about compaction, cricket wicket preparation (how many runs will the future Steve Smith score on the wicket you prepared), adapting the surface to the variety of sports played today and their individual requirements. 

With a sports turf qualification, you’ll become an expert in specialised turf establishment and maintenance, irrigation systems, how to operate our turf machinery and even how to manage those pesky pests. It’s a challenging but deeply satisfying role. 

What will I be doing once I'm qualified?

When you work with the Landscape Solutions turf management team, you have the potential to become a Team Leader, a Turf Curator, even a Green Keeper with our Golf Course Solutions team. 

You can expect to be responsible for maintaining high-grade sports turf, and also amenity turf. You will know how to establish and maintain turf, analyse soil and turf nutrition, operate specialised machinery and equipment, and control pests and weeds. You will oversee a team of people and ensure all landscape maintenance duties are being carried out and you will be a mentor to our young apprentices. That’s just some of why a career after competing your Cert III in Sports Turf Management will be so exciting. 

Head to our careers page to see roles currently available, or you can get in touch with us by clicking here.

We'll help you build, irrigate and maintain your sports turf.

We’re here whether you require a complex multi-field, multi-purpose sporting facility, routine end-of-season surface renovations, upgrading of your current irrigation system or just the right answer to a technical question.

Our sports turf specialists can help.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked sports turf management questions:

It’s very important to mow turf at the correct height for optimum growth and health. It does depend on the sport being played on the field and the type of grass laid on the surface. Typically, during playing season, the grass length is between 25 and 30mm long. This length can also depend on whether the surface is used for elite level sport or on a local, grassroots community level. 

To achieve the optimum turf blade length and turf density during the playing season, frequent mowing is recommended. This can be reduced during the colder months. Fields can be cut approximately 20 times a year.

How to repair sports turf very much depends on the extent of damage. If damage is minimal, sections may be able to be cut out and replaced with a new section of turf. If damage is heavy and the fields are suffering from divots, compaction, extensive wear and tear, a renovation may be in order.

If your sports fields are no longer safe for play, or not providing players with great playing conditions, they aren’t serving their purpose. It might be time for a sports field renovation. We promise it’s not as scary as it sounds. The long-term benefits outweigh any short-term pain. Think less money spent on quick fixes, a safer surface, and most importantly, happy players.

There are definitely some differences between looking after a sports field versus regular turf, though this can also entirely depend on how well regular turf is maintained. Sports turf undergoes heavy wear and tear, and this is compounded during wet weather. Regular turf can still benefit from top dressing and aeration like a sports field, but they each have their own requirements. 

Maintaining a sports field includes, but is not limited to turf nutrition, pest, disease and weed control, irrigation and drainage assessments, line marking, aeration and top dressing.

Aeration is the process of breaking up and de-compacting a playing surface, including the layers of soil and sand underneath. Aeration is completed with a machine that creates close holes in the grounds surface. This reduces thatching, and enables the soil to obtain essential oxygen, nutrients and water. This means healthier turf.