Commercial Landscaping Construction

Building commercial landscapes that thrive

The right landscape can help you engage your community in new ways and provide social, environmental and economic benefits. It can transform the look and feel of your property and bring people together to sit, play, meet and live. 

Whether it’s a playground for the kiddos, an inviting recreational space for active users of all ages, a stunning tree-lined entrance to impress potential residents of your master planned community, wetland construction or something completely different, landscaping construction can help you and the rest of your community get the most out of your spaces.

Experts in construction of commercial landscapes

Since 1993, our experienced landscape construction team has been delivering projects on time and on budget. You’ll enjoy the benefits of our combination of project management experience, landscape construction capabilities, extensive resources and network of accredited suppliers as we bring your construction dreams to life. Our project managers lead a team that’s dedicated to your project from start to finish and provide one convenient point of contact, always available and accountable.

A landscape construction company you can trust

Our pre-construction commercial landscaping service gets everybody on the same page from the beginning. Together we will review your goals and explore the possibilities. By asking the right questions and digging into the details at the start, we can work together to minimise risk and find where we can save you time and money.

Safety matters

Safety is a priority of ours. We know a safe project site is a productive project site – one that lets everybody do their best work. All members of a project team, whether on-site or office-based, are committed to safe work practices and working environments. Our team and its actions are our responsibility, ones we take very seriously.

We have experience in a range of commercial construction projects as well as artificial turf installation and other sports turf construction and maintenance, golf course management, school landscape design and other education projects, bridges building, shade structures and more. 

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Hear it from our customers

Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

When getting a commercial landscaping construction quote, you should ask for proof of qualifications, a detailed breakdown of costs and schedules for payment and project progress.

Proof of qualifications includes copies of licences and past landscaping and construction projects. An itemised list of costs provides a clearer view of the project and the chance to prioritise features based on your budget. The same goes for scheduling. Knowing when payments are due and when to expect progress checkpoints will help you compare quotes and can keep nasty surprises from ruining the experience.

Landscape construction is the broad field of designing and building outdoor projects and can include a range of structures and horticultural aspects. 

Landscape construction is generally broken down into three types. Civil landscape construction projects are focused on improving public infrastructure. Residential landscape construction projects aim to improve the shared public places and services citizens use. And commercial landscape construction projects are completed in and around businesses to improve their appeal to customers.

A landscape construction project manager acts as a team leader, ensuring work is completed on time and on budget.

These valuable team members also act as a communication channel between the team members, suppliers and other professionals working on a project as well as clients. Landscape Solutions provides a project manager that is dedicated to your project. He or she will be your convenient, dependable point of contact for any questions you have about anything regarding your site, project progress, budget, changes to your plan and more.

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