Health Precincts Landscape Construction

A warm welcome for patients and visitors

The way your health precinct looks and feels on the outside can play a massive role in how comfortable patients, residents and visitors feel while inside. Whether it’s creating an environment in which to celebrate life’s happiest moments, such as births, birthdays and positive diagnoses, or providing a comfortable space in which to process unfortunate news, hospital landscaping deserves thorough consideration. 

Our work doesn’t stop at hospitals either. We construct landscapes in retirement and aged care communities to enrich the lives of residents. 

With decades of experience bringing hospital landscape architecture that promotes recovery and reduces stress and anxiety to life, our team here at Landscape Solutions can help you provide an outdoor environment that matches the care and expertise found inside your facility.

Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Building a comfortable environment for stays and visits of all durations

There can be many unknowns when it comes time to visit hospitals and health facilities, or when moving into aged care facilities. That’s why hospital landscape design full of outdoor spaces that greet patients, visitors and prospective residents is so key. The right health facility landscaping can help provide solid footing upon arrival – one less thing to worry about when things are up in the air. One example? The bright, healthy greenery we installed at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital in Queensland.

Talk to us about your goals, and what you hope to provide for those using your facilities. We’ll come up with a plan that suits your budget and schedule, so you can offer the best possible experience. 

Health Precinct Construction Communal Space
Health Precinct Construction Picnic Space
Health Precinct Construction Village Entry
Health Precinct Construction 3 Health Precincts Landscape Construction

Landscaping for hospitals and health facilities that lasts

In addition to our ability to construct hospital outdoor landscape designs, we can also help you make sure your spaces thrive not only now, but well into the future. Our years of experience in health and retirement precincts landscape maintenance give us the knowledge and skills to keep things clean, green and lively all year round. From regular watering, weeding and other maintenance to winterising your beds and establishing strong irrigation systems to keep your open areas lush and enjoyable, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you’re after newly constructed areas, ongoing maintenance or a mix of both, contact us today to discuss your options.

Is your health facility sending the message that you care?

If not, or you’re about to begin a new build, talking to one of our landscape construction specialists is a good place to start. 
Talk to one of our construction specialists to get started.

Featured Project

Client: Richard Crookes Constructions & Montefiore

The M by Montefiore project has set a new standard in luxurious seniors’ living. The landscaped areas have been designed around two new buildings, these sitting within the existing Montefiore Jewish Homes Randwick campus. From the striking balcony gardens and impressive high-end finishes to the dense planting and mature trees, the landscaped surrounds and charming gardens perfectly complement the brilliance of the buildings and their interiors.

Not sure where to start? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, health precincts landscape construction includes small outdoor buildings around your facility or property.

We can help you add small outdoor buildings to your precinct to make it even more functional for patients, visitors and residents. Introduce small playgrounds for visiting grandchildren, pavilions for people to enjoy lunch outside or other sun protection that makes it more comfortable to spend time together on newly installed benches around your property. We can also add other small accessories, including bike hoops, water features and other seating options.

You can get your hospital gardens redesigned with the help of the experienced experts here at Landscape Solutions. 

In addition to maintaining the beauty of your spaces, we can also help you rebuild them from the ground up with our years of experience landscaping for hospitals. If you’re looking to breathe new life into the shrubs, flowers, trees and other plants around your precinct, we’ll come visit your property and discuss your vision. Then we’ll come up with a plan to bring it to life, creating a brand new identity in the process.

Yes, Landscape Solutions does work with architecture firms on construction projects.

We love collaborating not only with clients, but also with the other suppliers and professionals working on your project. In fact, our in-house team is supported by thousands of contracted professionals around Australia and New Zealand, with whom we’ve built strong partnerships. By involving us in the early stages of your project, we can help develop more cohesive landscaping and construction builds from the start.