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External works specialists

From promenades and shopping precincts, parks, playgrounds and open space, to environmentally sensitive projects, Landscape Solutions is a ‘one-stop shop’ for external works management. We believe that the process involved in transforming a space, is just as important as the final result – we will work with our clients to explore the requirements of the environment at hand, community needs and your budget – all part of our pre-construction service.

Our complete external works management solution is suitable for small councils, state and federal level government, to services such as transport hubs and the like. By engaging a complete external works contractor your risk is reduced by our multi-skilled construction team and their ability to manage a multi-subcontractor site.

Featured Project

Client: Maitland Council

The Levee in Maitland was one of the first shared-use zone precincts of its kind. An area in decline, the revamp completely reactivated the town.