Environmental Services

Ecological reporting and management services to protect our natural environment.

We provide revegetation and ecological restoration services, committed to doing our part to tackle our environmental challenges and protect our natural environment and native species. Sadly, the outlook for many of our native species in Australia is far from positive.

There is no time to wait when it comes to the protection of Australian biodiversity. With Australia now facing one of the highest levels of extinction of natural species worldwide, it’s more important than ever to protect and restore the habitat they need to survive.

We are a team of people dedicated to the protection of our natural spaces and native species. We are experienced, industry-qualified professionals who work closely with our clients to implement environmentally sensitive and sustainable solutions. We always work to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients, and ultimately, the environment.

Our environmental services include:

Bush Regeneration

Identifying and connecting natural habitats by developing corridors to support the establishment of native species. We create zones that support breeding, pollination and food sources while maintaining the integrity of the region.

Ecological Reporting

Our team provide ecological reports, outlining environmental status and impacts, along with recommendations and implementation strategies.


Restoration and ongoing maintenance of existing natural features to support the health and sustainability of the environment and regeneration of native species.

What can you expect when you work with us? 

A passionate team

You don’t need to talk to us for long before our passion for our work becomes clear – we can’t help it! It’s a subject we care deeply about.

Forward thinking

We don’t believe in providing lacklustre solutions that will only have short-term results. We play the long game. It’s better for all of us.

Innovative methods

We’ll be proactive and use methods of working suited to your challenges. We ask tough questions to ensure that we cover all bases.

We share your passion for the environment. It’s our job to support you in protecting it.

Our environmental division, Habitat Solutions, is taking steps to improve and protect our natural environment. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our clients and the public to promote a healthy community for many years to come.

Habitat Solutions was born after the need for a specialist environmental rehabilitation division was recognised. We are rich in resources and equipment and have the passionate team necessary to help our natural spaces thrive.

Our work takes us to some amazing places, and also some risky ones. Safety is absolutely crucial in our line of work, and our stringent procedures apply whether we are working in a local community park or on the side of a steep cliff.

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