Civil building services

Gone are the days of clients having to manage multiple contracts for the one site. At Landscape Solutions, we have established ourselves as leaders in the delivery of combined civil infrastructure and landscaping works.

Car parks, bulk earth works & geotechnical solutions, civil drainage & hydraulics, bridges, retaining walls, water treatment & harvesting infrastructure– these all require technical expertise, safe work practises, the right machinery and knowledge of Council & Authority guidelines.

We collaborate with our clients to determine their needs, taking into account the specific environment and its surroundings. We do our diligence up front to de-risk your project, then tailor our delivery to be as streamlined as possible.

We recognise and address your risks and difficulties associated with working in the public domain. Landscape Solutions is Third Party Qualified (and are regularly third party audited), with unrivalled safety, quality and environmental procedures to follow that exceed industry standards.