Residential Estates Maintenance

Welcome your residents home to a community they can be proud of

One of the keys to developing a residential estate is building that sense of community – a place people are proud to call home, and a welcoming environment in which to invite visitors and potential future residents. Proper, professional residential estates maintenance can help create that today, tomorrow and for years to come. 

Keep your colours fresh and vibrant all year long

The fresh smell and clean look of pristinely mowed grass with defined edges. Vibrant garden beds bursting with blooms bordering walkways and buildings and creating gorgeous, healthy backdrops for residents and visitors to enjoy. Trees to bring a healthy, happy glow and immaculate hedges that never look in need of a trim. Our dedicated team of building and grounds maintenance professionals will know your property’s needs as well as you, ensuring it’s kept to the high standards you and your customers deserve.

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Bringing a fresh flow to your spaces

Water concerns are a key factor in any new build landscaping, and ongoing irrigation maintenance services are key to customer satisfaction and safety. Whether it’s ensuring walkways aren’t swamped after big rains or keeping your turf bright and healthy no matter the weather, we can make sure your watering and drainage systems stay working their best.

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Building and grounds maintenance that covers all the bases

In addition to watering, trimming, mowing, planting and weeding, our residential building landscape experts can take care of your property’s other key features, too. Keep playgrounds, exercise equipment and benches clean and comfortable for users of all ages. Ensure your pathways are clear and safe to provide free movement around your property, or bring your offering to new heights with rooftop garden architecture and landscape design. And when bad weather hits, our crew can come out to make necessary repairs to have the place looking tidy in no time.

Is your landscaping making your residents happy?

We’d love to start talking with you to explore how we could make your residential community sing, while also helping to save you time and money.
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Featured Project

Client: Mulpha Norwest

Landscape Solutions continues to deliver outstanding results at Mulgoa Rise – the master-planned residential estate.

Some FAQs about residential estate maintenance

Yes, residential estate services do include ongoing rooftop garden maintenance. 

We absolutely love to ensure the beauty of rooftop garden designs looks as great on days 100, 1,000, 10,000 and beyond as they did on day 1. And it’s not just rooftop gardens where we shine the brightest. Check out some of our other maintenance projects to see just what we’re capable of, and let us know how we can help you maintain the standard of excellence your residential estate, and your customers, deserve.

You can get irrigation installation in your residential estate by contacting the pros at Landscape Solutions. 

We have designed and installed irrigation systems for projects big and small, from sprinkler setups to take the manual admin out of watering garden beds to huge systems that hydrate large fields of turf and other playing surfaces. We can install rainwater tanks, too, making your estate more energy efficient for all. From the smallest details to the largest shared spaces, we lean on our decades of experience to complete irrigation projects on time and on budget time after time.

You can contact Landscape Solutions for all your residential estates landscape design and construction needs.

Not only are we experts in maintaining your property’s pristine look – we can also help you make the foundational changes that breathe new life into your residential estate. By including us at the outset of your project, we can help you bring to life your vision of transforming a huge, open paddock into a thriving new master planned community. Together we’ll work with a landscape architect to design and create stunning streetscapes, welcoming shared public spaces and all the other functional features your residents need to live life to the fullest.  

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