Meriden School

Meriden School

Client: Meriden, an Anglican school for girls

Meriden, an Anglican school for girls, is located in the heart of Strathfield NSW and spread across three adjacent campuses. 

The care and growth of students are at the heart of everything at Meriden School. When our construction team was engaged to transform a neighbouring block of land into a recreational space for students, it was clear that the space needed to be conducive to learning, facilitate social interaction all while demonstrating quality, flexibility, and excellence. With the project now complete, the result is an appealing and functional space that fosters positive opportunities for students.

The new area boasts a bespoke arbour and seating area, feature brick retaining walls, new deciduous trees and plants, irrigation, lighting, a drinking fountain, and a synthetic turf surface. Vines have been strategically planted to grow up the arbour, designed to provide extra shade for students once mature. All elements align with the pleasing aesthetic currently experienced within the school grounds.

Meriden School Arbour Front On
Meriden School View of Synthetic Turf

This space is a fabulous example of what can be achieved in a relatively small area. The many bespoke elements incorporated into this space create a wonderful atmosphere that connects students and encourages healthy play.

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Meriden Timber Bench Seat
Meriden Timber Arbour
Meriden Brickwork
Meriden Timber Arbour Close Up
Meriden Overall Shot

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