Redman Road Plaza, Dee Why

Redman Road Plaza, Dee Why

Client: Northern Beaches Council

The transformation of Dee Why’s Redman Road Plaza has been invigorating for the area, revitalising the previously drab space.

A Northern Beaches Council initiative, the project was completed by our NSW Construction team. As well as the drastic visual improvement, the neighbouring shop owners are seeing an increase in visitors to the space.

This was achieved through the construction of a pedestrian friendly space with greater service access to adjoining businesses and properties. 

Redman Road Plaza is now a shared 10km/hr zone with a formal entry, a stunning water feature, artwork, spectacular catenary lighting and hanging gardens. The installation of a new lighting system has enhanced security in the area, increasing safety at night for pedestrians passing through.

Since its opening in November, Redman Road Plaza has drawn more and more people into the area, helping to boost the overall feel of the space – a definite success for all involved.

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