Smalls Road Public School

Smalls Road Public School

Client: Richard Crookes Constructions & NSW Department of Education

Built by Richard Crookes Constructions with architecture by CONRAD GARGETT for the NSW Department of Education, the circular Smalls Road Public School houses up to 1000 students and 70 staff. Our NSW team completed the landscape construction on the project, everything from the concrete edging and sandstone terraces to the multi-purpose courts and soft landscaping. The highly detailed landscaping beautifully complements the innovative design of the building.

Smalls Road Public School Entry Signage
Smalls Road Public School Slide & Seating Area
Smalls Road Public School Landscaping from Balcony

Everything about Smalls Road Public School is designed to be interactive. Innovative learning spaces enable teachers to be adaptable with their classes, depending on the task at hand. The courtyard is considered the ‘heart’ of the school. All details, however seemingly minute, have been purposely incorporated to encourage collaboration between students, curiosity and engagement. The irrigation system was fully designed by our team to ensure future maintenance success.

At a time when outdoor space for many comes at a premium, these students have access to a wonderful space where they can engage with each other, the natural world and benefit from a fresh approach to learning.

Smalls Road Sandstone Retaining Walls and Landscaping
Smalls Road Public School Netball Courts
Smalls Road Public School Sandstone Retaining Wall
Smalls Road Public School Winding Pathways

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