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Aveo Retirement & Aged Care Facilities

Client: Aveo

Responsible for a number of Aveo villages throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, our teams maintain a relentless focus on safe operations and exceptional customer service.

The Aveo villages are home to many residents who are lifelong gardeners with finely honed gardening skills. As a result, we work closely with village managers to ensure that they continue to feel fulfilled and happy with their surrounding spaces.

We proudly create spaces that encourage residents to take part in outdoor activities and community events, greatly improving their quality of life. This entails annual spring walks with our team, providing residents with the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback, the creation of vegetable plots and a number of other initiatives to assist with the development of relationships with residents.

Our teams ensure garden beds are immaculate, paths and walkways are clear of hazards and that upgrades and improvements are continuously made.

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