Barangaroo Headland Reserve

Barangaroo Headland Reserve

Client: Cushman & Wakefield and iNSW

Barangaroo Headland Reserve is located within the natural beauty of Sydney Harbour. It is a nature filled escape for both the Sydney community and tourists, with foreshore walks and symbolic architectural sandstone that is reminiscent of what early Sydney would’ve looked like. Barangaroo Headland Reserve, an incredible 22-hectare site, is layered with history and invites all within the community to come together to enjoy it’s native trees and shrubs, as well as incredible views of Sydney Harbour. Large sandstone blocks throughout the tidal zone create a great base for the headland. 

All plantings throughout Barangaroo Headland Reserve are native to the Sydney Harbour area. With a full-time presence onsite, the team are involved in a number of processes, weekly and daily, that include mulching, soil management, lawn, and tree management, just to name a few. We also help with preparation of the many events held in this iconic space.

Barangaroo Headland Reserve is accessible for all within the community, with entries, pathways and staircases to be utilised by all. The landscape architecture, completed by Stuart Pittendrigh, had an emphasis on maintaining the history of the space, with the foreshore walk following the same shoreline that was previously in it’s place in 1836. The sandstone architecture is also a tribute to early Sydney and what the Barangaroo area previously featured.

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Barangaroo Reserve
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Barangaroo Reserve Electric Mower
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Barangaroo Reserve Native Plants and Pathways
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Barangaroo Reserve Harbour Views and Sandstone Seats

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