Spring sports field renovations: What are they and when are they needed?

Winter is tough for turf. Low light, the occasional frost, a combination of increased moisture and less sun… it all results in slower turf growth. Pair that with heavy use in adverse weather and it’s not really a surprise that winter can wreak havoc on your sports field.

While it may still look great from a distance, a quick run across the field could reveal a surface laden with ditches.

The reality is, a renovation is often required post winter season sports to ensure the safety of your players, and to get your field back in top condition. And by doing so in spring, you are setting your fields up for a successful growing season.

Not sure whether or not your sports field is in need of a reno? We’ve put together a quick overview of what to consider.

When is a sports renovation needed?

  • If your field is suffering from overuse, with divots, compaction, thatch build up, and showing signs of wear and tear;
  • There has been play during wet weather conditions;
  • The turf quality is poor and suffering from weeds, pests and /or disease;
  • The field has drainage issues.

What happens during a field renovation?

  • We aerate your field, so nutrients can get down to the roots;
  • We treat your turf for weeds and pests;
  • We’ll top dress your field to ensure even coverage;
  • Re-turf any areas that have been damaged.

What is the end result?

  • A decompacted pitch;
  • A safer surface for players;
  • Root growth is encouraged and there is even cover across the field;
  • Restoration of suitable drainage;
  • Corrected surface levels.

The long-term benefits of a spring renovation outweigh any short-term pain. Ignoring your field’s issues post winter season can become more costly, as the long term performance of your field will ultimately suffer. Think less money spent on quick fixes, a safer surface, and most importantly, happy players.

With only a narrow time frame between sporting seasons, it’s essential to plan ahead and organise your renovation early.

Better fields make for better play.

If you’d like to know more, or have questions about the state of your fields, get in touch with our sports turf management teams on 1300 653 013. Or you can get in touch with us here.

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