The Solutions Way Awards 2021

In 2021, the Solutions Way Awards were held to celebrate and congratulate team members for their hard work, achievements and contribution to Landscape Solutions. The winners were all nominated by employees, who believed the individual they nominated demonstrated the Landscape Solutions values in their day-to-day work, either in the office, or on site. 

The winners received a three-night trip to Hamilton Island with a partner, with all flights and meals included, along with two days off work, fully paid! Alongside a holiday on Hamilton Island, the winners also received $500 spending money to enjoy whilst they were there. 

There were 7 award categories, each representative of one of our values. Winners were those individuals who Landscape Solutions employees thought deserved it the most.

The winners were extremely grateful for the awesome experience they had in Hamilton Island, who by all accounts enjoyed celebrating their hard work alongside Tim and team, in an amazing location! 

During their time in Hamilton Island, the winners enjoyed swimming, snorkeling, and dining in restaurants, whilst also enjoying some well-deserved relaxation time beside the pool and on the beach. Snorkeling and swimming were considered highlights by the team. Regardless of the not-so-nice-weather, everyone was able to enjoy activities throughout their stay on the island.

Here's what the team got up to on the trip:

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IMG 6751 resized The Solutions Way Awards 2021

What the winners had to say:

Some of the team members who went on the trip had a few things to say about their time away:

  • ”I’ve worked at Solutions for more than 20 years and seen a lot of great initiatives Tim has put together over time, and with so many worthy people, I never thought I’d be selected for this. The trip was amazing, we were so well looked after, and it was just like our motto, Great People and Great Places.”’ – Linton, NSW. 
  • “We arrived at Hamilton Island, and everything exceeded our expectations from venues to Tim’s hospitality, to the interaction between all the Solutions Way winners.” – David, Auckland. 
  • “Very humbling to receive such an award and very thankful.” – Andre, New Zealand. 
  • “Honoured to be chosen by my peers.” – Robert, NSW. 

Landscape Solutions looks forward to hosting The Solutions Way awards again this year, with another great reward for those team members who embody the Solutions Way. 

The categories were:

The Safety First Award
This person makes Landscape Solutions a safer place to work, and their single idea has been adopted throughout the business.

The Honesty & Humility Award
This person displays these traits on a daily basis, influencing those around them to do the same. 

The Commitment to Customers Award
This person’s idea or process has changed the way we deal with customers in a profound and positive way.

The Financial Integrity Award
This person has paved the way for the greatest financial gain or savings outside of standard operations.

The Lead by Example Award
This person ‘walks the talk’ and demonstrates what it means to lead by example.

The Embrace Change Award
This person’s innovative suggestion has changed the way we do things for the better.

The Accept a Challenge Award
This person is always willing to take on a challenge in order to assist our team or clients.

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